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Arthroscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy

Professional devices to arthroscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy


LED Cold Light Sources ( LV-200LED, LV-400LED )

Medical LED Light Source like LV-200LED, LV-400LED is the newest and unfailing light source in which an innovative LED light emitter, was applied. A stable colour temperature is ensured over the whole range of light intensity which is electronically regulated. Device remembers the time of work.


Xenon Cold Light Sources ( LV-100X, LV-180X, LV-300X )

Medical Xenon Light Source like LV-180X is the optimum effective source of light, which heart is the 180 wadding Xenon of gas-ring from Osram company. Colour temperature of light is higher than in the halogen sources and equals over 6000 K. Ideally white light allows to recognize tissues properly and helps to represent colours that are being watched. Mean time of lamp life is 500 hours. Device owns the precize time register of lamp work, which allows to estimate the lamp waste.


Shaver Systems ( SV-8002 )

Medical Shaver System like SV-8002 is high class shaver system which is designed for arthroscopy procedure. It's characterize by wide sphere of speed circulations and large force of Handpiece. Small weight and size. It's possible to connect, to the controller, two tools at the same time and to choose the work mode on the controller and by footswitch.


Universal fluid pump ( PV-5201 )

One of the newest product offered by Vimex is new universal fluid pump PV-5201. It is an innovative product that in fact may be treated as three pumps in one device. It may be used for arthroscopic surgery as well as for hysteroscopic and urologic treatments. New useful functions have also been introduced so customer's attention should be focused around this product.


Suction irrigation pump ( PV-5502 )

Vimex Sp. z o. o. has a great pleasure to introduce a new Suction Irrigation Pump ( to laparoscopy ). It has two independent flow channels: sucking channel and pumping channel. Each of them is monitored by an appropriate pressure sensor to ensure safety of operation. To provide a fast reaction and convenience of usage, the maximum flow of the fluid may reach even 3l/min.


Blades Linvatec, Dyonics, Aesculap, Stryker

Our offer includes the wide gamut of burs to arthroscopy, which suit to the most known systems such as: Linvatec, Dyonics, Aesculap, Stryker.


Xenon lamps XBO R100W/45C and XBO R180W/45C

Our offer includes also Xenon lamps like XBO R100W/45C and XBO R180W/45C