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About us

It is not about to be just another supplier or a dealer of medical devices. Our biggest advantage in comparison to our competitors is and always has been our personal and deep connection to end-users and manufacturers. This fact enables us to always give a SOLUTION and SERVICE and not just a product.

Stefan Krause - Founder of krause. Medizintechnik.


For almost 8 years we have been acting on a medical field with our brand on international markets. We dedicated ourselves to improve medical technology transfer between European manufacturers and Middle East/Africa distributors and end-users.

Thanks to the know-how of our international team from both Europe and Middle East, we can exactly identify the problems and needs which occur on both sides. Our continues presence and connection to different markets made it possible to help to introduce new, innovative medical products on MEA markets, but also the other way round: our feedback from the market helps manufacturers to improve their products in order to meet expectations of doctors and patients.



With our Headquarters near Hamburg we offer our support for:

  • European manufacturers of medical devices in distributing their products throughout MEA region.
  • Distributors from MEA in searching for a proper quality products and solutions by European manufacturers.


In order to achieve our target of mutual trust and confidence with our business partners, we focus on generating a long lasting commitment to customers, shareholders, and employees by providing high-end healthcare products and services. Our core values which we are committed to are fairness and professionalism in all aspects of our everyday cooperation.

We are always open for new ideas and business propositions, so do not hesitate if you want to joint our krause. world!

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krause. Medizintechnik Team